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About Us:

Hello! We are Vicky and Janis owners of 2+U Pet Transport. We also have our team members Jayla, Kira, and Victoria. We are a USDA Registered and Insured Pet Transporting Business who aims to provide your pet with a comfortable and safe experience. Our business was created because of our love of Traveling, Animals and Freedom. We travel all over the United States. We provide both Air and Ground transportation. If you are moving, traveling, or just need assistance in general, we are the perfect helpers for you! We are the proud owners past and present of 10 Dogs, 4 Cats, 1 Guineapig, 1 Fancy Bearded Dragon and too many Fishes to count. We are Veterans and spent most of our careers in Law Enforcement or as Soldiers. Currently, we are happy successful Entrepreneurs that loves bringing joy to others. It would be our pleasure to ease your worries and care for and transport your four-legged family member. We travel anywhere in the US. Our Fur Babies travel in comfort taking frequent breaks, are provided water, food and lots of cuddles. Our schedule is flexible, and our service will definitely meet your needs. We provide a 10% discount to all Veterans, Rescues, Emotional Support and PCS move transports. We accept partial payments and can bill in installments. Our mission is to provide quality care along with kindness.





Helpful info:


  • We only offer SOLO trips.

  • We accept all card payments

  • Once you book we will send you an invoice from Flexible Fingerprinting. Partial Payment is due immediately to confirm the transport and the Balance is due on or before drop-off. Your partial payment "guarantee" your transport and timeframe.

  • Full refunds will be provided if transports are cancelled up to 7 days before scheduled pickup.

  • The method of transport depends on the animal’s temperament and/or the parent’s preference. Crates are available but we prefer seatbelt restraints because the animal’s comfort is key. We have found they are much more comfortable being able to relax and stretch out on a blanket or bed with their toys. We treat all our fury babies like passengers not cargo.

  • We drive Chrysler Pacifica Minivans and a Ford Transit Sprinter which is set up to allow the babies to be free, comfortably restrained and provides ample space to stretch out and enjoy a relaxing transport. We also provide Private Air Charter to and from anywhere in the World.

  • We do stay in pet friendly hotels when absolutely necessary only if it meets our cleaning and accessibility standards. We stay with the animals at all times and routinely take rest breaks at travel centers. We try to never drive 27/7 or overnight if it can be prevented as it can pose a risk to us and our passengers. Safety is our only priority.

  • Puppies are kept in a kennel at all times and are never allowed to touch the ground. They are only removed when we are cleaning their kennel or if we are cuddling & playing with them.

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